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Discover Your Unique Codes To

Your Successful Health Outcomes

via Your Astrology Blueprint & Secrets Revealed

With Kim's Holistic Health Astrology & Health Sciences Know How Combined

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You Can Expect :

A 1+1/2 Hour Naturopathic Consultation To Address Your Health Un-Ease (we are great at Thyroid Health Issues)


1/ Health Science Based Naturopathy In-Clinic Diagnostics

2/  Your Functional Pathology (From Your Dr If You Have It)

3/  Your Astrology Health Indicators -

4/  We Prescribe Professional Practitioner Natural Medicines - Targeted To Your Health Needs


5/  Dietary Advice -  Tips  and  Tweeks  -  To Help You Be Really Well - Naturally!

We Ask You To Consider This -

You Are a Soul, a Spiritual Being Inhabiting A Physical Body -

That Means - You Are A Soul Having A Human Experience -

Your Soul (& Vibrational Part of You) Comprises The 80% of You That You Can't Fathom Without Some Expert Pointers -

Kim is the Expert Who Helps You To Learn To Know Your Soul's Wishes, Aims and Goals So That :

Your PHYSICAL Life (Body) Can Flow Better,

Your Health Can Be Vibrant,

Your Psyche Can Be Happy,


You can Thrive......

Welcome ......

Telephone 0468 411 283


We offer;-

Professional, Health Science Based Naturopathic Know-How and Consultations Targeted To Finding The Real Reasons For Your Health Un-Ease (Dis-Ease)


The Fascinating, Often Hidden Secret Codes via Your Astrology and Subtle Anatomy

For In-Depth and Comprehensive Health and Vitality Outcomes.


Health and Wellness is Our Passion.


We Often Reveal To You Your 

  1. ASIAN ASTROLOGY - Your 5 Element Health Secrets Revealed   For This Data and Health Insights  
  2. - You  Will  Need  To  Supply  Kimberleigh  Joblin  with  Your
  3. - Time & Full Date of Birth
  4. and
  5. allow 1 - 1 1/2 Hours With Kimberleigh To Reveal Your Health Secrets

Example of An Asian Astrology Chart

For A Woman Born - Date - 30/08/1944 - Time 8:45 pm


Hour        Day       Month      Year           67-77

 Wu         Bing       Ren          Jia               Yi

+Earth    +Fire     +Water   +Wood       - Wood



 Xu          Yin         Shen       Shen          Chou

Dog        Tiger       Monkey    Monkey       Ox


7-9pm     30           Aug          1944        LP7



Kim Now Translates This Into A

.  5 Element Organ Correlation Chart and

.  5 Element Emotions Chart.....

which accurately indicates the Keys To This Lady's Health - Physical and Emotional Health in Particular.....

This Lady Will Need Help With Her Liver (-Wood) and Gall Bladder Organs Between 67 and 77 Years of Age.....

She will potentially experience Emotions Of :




. Self-Righteous Indignation,

& Potential Problems with health conditions such as :

-  "Dirty Blood", Detoxification Issues and Diabetes

-  Fatty Liver, (not always due to alcohol)

-  Gall Stones,

-  Weight Issues and So On ......

Especially Between Her Ages of 67 and 77


We Need To Accurately Diagnose The Underlying Issues With Your Organs and Your Body To Be Able To Supply The Best Diet, The Best Natural Medicines, and The Best Support 

For You.



Follow-Up Consultations To Help You Keep On Track With Achieving Your Health and Wellness Goals


Supply Of Your Practitioner Prescribed Natural Medicines - In Between Appointments


Kim's Yummy Healthy Recipes


For More In-Depth "Inner Journey Work" combined with Your Physical Health Requirements - You May Be Interested In :

  1. YOUR MODERN SUN-SIGN ASTROLOGY and Shell Essence "Counselling" - Explore Your Snap Shot of The Heavens - Your Personal 12 Slices Of The Zodiac Heavens and What This Reveals about YOU.              You Will Need To Supply Kimberleigh with Your - Full Date of Birth - Allow 1 - 1 1/2 Hours with Kimberleigh To Reveal Your 12 Zodiac House Secrets, eg Your "Mask"/Image Sign, Your Health Sign, Your Marriage Sign, Your "Money" Sign........  Once Again We Are Used To Combining Health Science Based Holistic Medicine Techniques and Prescribing Natural Medicines as a Wow "Team" Diagnositic Effort For Your Best Health Outcomes...... We Might Suggest A Follow-Up Naturopathy Appointment ......For You ......
    Kim will often suggest Shell Essences or Coral Essences to assist with your more Subtle Anatomy, Psyche and Soul Journey.  These are wonderful vibrational healing medicines created by Nancy Parker of Shell Essences Australia, but are prescribed for you by Kimberleigh.

  2. YOUR WHOLE HOUSE, NATURAL HOUSE ASTROLOGY - You Will Need To Supply Kimberleigh with Your - Exact Time, Full Date of Birth, and Place of Birth - To Reveal Your Soul's Intentions For You This Life Time {Your MC ++++} - and How To Live Your Best Potential As Revealed By Your Full Natal Blueprint ......  We Suggest Shell and Flower Essence Counselling - Magic Planetary Healing "Even Though We Don't Understand How" ..... Along With Other Prescribed Natural Medicines May Be Of Benefit Here.......

Your Personally Prescribed, Practitioner Level, Natural Medicines are available for purchase from us at our Home based clinic -

We Offer Advanced Medicines,

Healing For Your Body and Physical Ailments


Understanding of Your Soul Path & Subtle Anatomy,


Advanced Technical Care Strategies

(all along with Our Passion & Unique Astrology Services) ......

We (Kimberleigh and Gillean) do actually live our lives as holistically as possible - we eat clean organic food - purchased from local markets - and we use organic skin-care products, organic cleaning products, clean filtered water (with the life-force put back into it)

We have Nerium International Skin Care Available see our Web Site www.skinvital.neriumaus.com.au for more information.

We Do Practise what We Preach

and are delighted to share our way of doing things with you too.

To Make An Appointment NOW with Kim Joblin (holistic medicine/astrologer) - phone Gillean (office manager) on Mob Ph 0468 411 283



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