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We are experienced, over 20 years in practice. We offer excellent service and Proven Health Strategies. We get outstanding health results with our clients by drawing on our years of 1/ - Science Based Experience (please view our client testimonials page), 2/ - Kim's Holistic Astrology (Using Your Sun Sign) combined with Bio-Chemistry (Using The Cell Salts of Life) for Healthy Body and Mind & 3/ - our "Angel-Inspired Wisdoms" (Thank You Angels). We, just like you have a unique approach to life and health. We do combine Science and Intuition - we hope that our approach is the one for you. Welcome to our Clinic

About Us

We (the Joblin family) have resided on the Sunshine Coast since 1984. Kim Joblin and Gillean A Joblin - {Daughter and Mother} and have been in practice at our current clinic since 1998 and have over 20 years of experience. We have a genuine desire to impart our professional knowledge in a manner that you can utilise effectively - so that you can achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Kim is currently writing a book on Astro-BioChemistry and the Cell Salts of Life focusing on relaying simple and fun information based on Your Sun Sign (Star Sign) and how to use Tissue Salts for achieving health for You and Your Family. Cell Salts are Inexpensive, Universally Available (Brauer Professional's Dr Reckeweg Line is Available through our Clinic - Great Value Practitioner-Only Cell Salts) and They Are Very Easy to Use - Try Them To Feel Immediate Health Benefits ... Stay Tuned for more Information ....

We have both had great results with our own health issues (using our in-house natural therapies for ourselves) so we can also assist YOU to your OPTIMUM Health with real Confidence in a Great Outcome for You (we have helped many clients successfully several times before!).

We are Bio-Regulatory Medicine Specialists (helping you and your body to Re-Regulate Itself Healthy) - providing our clients with cutting-edge technological advances and cutting edge natural and holistic medicines just not available any where else.

We are part of a small team of technicians in Australia and NZ who are medically trained but choose BWellness (BioPractica & Brauer Professional's) Bio-Regulatory Treatments and Medicines for You because of the outstanding results they achieve. We excel in "teaching" YOU how to be WELL naturally and how to chose health and vitality rather than sickness and disease - something that the current medical model cannot and will not do.

Intuitive Holistic Medicine, Shell & Coral Essence "Counseling," plus Kim's Unique Soul & Angel Approach to ASTROLOGY with Nutrition & BioChemistry hold a special place in our hearts - combined with our science based practice we feel we have much to offer you. We hope you think so too.

Kim's Story
Kimberleigh had medically diagnosed FROZEN SHOULDER - (Adhesive Encapsulitis) which was VERY Painful. Using our Bio-Regulatory Medicine tools including Bio-Mesotherapy + Esogetic Medicine Body Treatments, and Bio-Regulatory Detox (eg Detox Kit + pH Balancing + Ionic Heavy Metal Testing and Removal), Exercise (Mainly Hot Yoga), and Re-Nourishing Protocols she is now completely pain-free plus has full use of her arms and shoulder with full range of motion restored!

Gillean's Story :
Gillean had medically diagnosed BREAST CANCER - using our natural medicine protocols including herbal medicines, colon hydrotherapy detoxes and natural medicines for nurturing (Esogetic Medicine Breast Treatments) and re-centering she was pronounced breast cancer free within 9 months without any medical treatment - to this day she remains cancer free and more than that she is well!

Grant's Story :
My brother has AEROTOXIC Syndrome (He is a Commercial Airline Pilot with Air Toxin Poisoning From Flying Aeroplanes) He has a range of health issues and symptoms Including Chronic Fatigue, Decreased Lung Function & Sleep Apnoea, Frozen Shoulder, Atrial Fibrillation (temporary) and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease & Weight Issues - all greatly helped with Our Natural Medicine Approach especially our Advanced & BioRegulatory NATURAL Medicines and techniques - His Favourite Medicine from us is : Our Practitioner-Only GREAT TASTING Patented and Highly Absorbable Magnesium, along with Kim's "witches brews" of BioRegulatory Medicines - they really work for him! And of Course he really appreciates our specialist Functional Pathology to "prove" to him that his results are "real".

ERIC'S STORY : Eric is my (Kim's) father - like many males in his age group, he has Prostate Gland and Kidney Issues. Keeping his pH levels in balance (excess acidity) and treating his Male Reproductive Area - Testosterone plus Prostate Gland etc, and Urinary Tract Area is much easier with our specialist BioRegulatory Medicines and Sanum Products. Like many men who prefer to "let it fix itself, she'll be right mate" - He will occasionally submit to our specialist pH Testing, Dr Douglas and Metagenics In-Clinic Screenings that we conduct, and his Dr's pathology. Our medicines really work for him too, when WE "hand them out daily". Sometimes we need to be aware of declining memory and potentials alzeimers, dementia potential in our ageing populations.....

Other Client's Stories:
We have return clients on a regular basis who we have assisted with serious health concerns including Fibromyalgia (mitochondrial issue) and Thyroid Issues, Auto Immune Disease - Graves (overactive thyroid) and Hashimotos (under-active thyroid), Stress / Anxiety / Depression - PSYCHE Issues, Cholesterol Imbalances, Gut Health (Leaky Gut - Constipation /Diarrhoea / IBS / Liver Health....), Weight Loss, Osteoporosis, Menopausal Hot Flushing ++++ - Arthritis/Gout, HISTAMINE, OXALIC ACID Imbalances, and so on - including assisting with natural fertility (the fun stuff - better babies) and Skin Issues - please refer to our Testimonials Page ...

We (Kimberleigh and Gillean) have beautiful ORGANIC Skin-Care Products available (Australian and NZ Made plus Anti-Ageing & Anti-Acne Line From USA) mainly for our own skin issues (pimples/wrinkles/age spots etc) but we do make these available to you - Divine! Our Extended Family both here in Australia and in New Zealand Loves these Skin-Care Products and ask for them regularly! NEW See our Web Site Link or Visit Nerium Internationals Amazing Effective, Simple, Anti-Ageing Skin Products www.skinvital.neriumaus.com.au

We have a unique way of incorporating Kim's Holistic Medicine ASTROLOGY services, targeted natural medicines according to your personal Astrology, Our BioRegulatory Medicine & Esogetic Medicine Treatments (with tuning to the Earth's Natural Rhythms) in order to help you be Well, Naturally. Our Unique Approach To Achieving Healing - Wholeness, and then Congruent Harmony in YOUR Body, Mind & Soul has been experienced by many - please refer to client Testimonials for some of our Happy, Healthy Client Achievements.....

We just love how Science is "proving" spiritual truths more and more, & how natural medicines - with our BioRegulatory Rhythms Treatment Systems work so effectively for healing Your Body Mind and Soul.

Our Clients really love this and we do too.

Click here to read our clients testimonials

We use :

  • FUNCTIONAL PATHOLOGY TESTING + we read and understand your Dr's Pathology Tests and
  • Our Own Special Medical Intuitive Healing Protocols including Kim's Unique Heart & Soul Based Astrology with BioChemic Cell Salts & Nutrition
  • Diet and Natural Medicine Protocols for THYROID and Breast Health
  • Diet and Natural Medicine Protocols for Healthy Hormonal Balance
  • Pregnancy and Pre-Conception Multi-vitamins and foods
  • Bio-Practica/Metagenics/Brauer Professional's - 8 Different Individually Targeted Detoxification Approaches and Natural Medicines
  • Shake-IT Professional Weight Loss Foods and Medicines
  • Other practitioner only natural medicines as required for your good health - including, Brain - Psyche, lungs, large intestine, lymphatic system and
    SKIN - we utilise organic skin products available only through professionals and beauty therapists like ourselves - come and have a look at what we have available (and use ourselves) plus Nerium Internationals Products
  • Holistic Intuitive Kinesiology and Unique Esogetic Medicine Crystal Healings
  • Australian Herbal Medicines - Medi-Herb
  • Practitioner-Only BioPractica Natural Medicines eg Diasporal & Practitioner-Only Homotoxicology Medicines - Heel, Brauer, Reckeweg, Medicine Tree, Sanum
  • Other Homeopathics including Mega Potencies or Phenolics or Bio-Chemic Tissue Salts
  • Australian Shell Essences & Coral Essences ....
  • Vitamins and Minerals - METAGENICS - EAGLE - MediHerb Liquids & Tablets - BIOPRACTICA - BRAUER Professional
  • Medical Intuitive Body Work using
  • Brauer PROFESSIONAL's Homotoxicology Range + Colour + Essences and Crystals - Divine!
  • Protein Powders and Rehydration Formulas (Metagenics) plus energy/endurance powders for pregnancy and birthing (Metagenics)
  • Specialised Medical Foods for Weight Loss


  • Advanced Diploma of Health Science - Naturopathy (Iridology)
  • Metagenics In-Clinic Screening Tools
  • Cellular Health Scanning Tool - for Healthy Weight Loss/Better Babies/Healthy
  • Aging/Healthy Muscle Building
  • pH Testing - Urine/Saliva/etc
  • Diploma of Health Science - Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Professional Level 1 Kinesiology
  • Touch For Health Instructor
  • ASBRM Bio-Regulatory Medicine Practitioners - Esogetic Medicine and Biomesotherapy Practitioners - utilising Bio-Practica Practioner-Only Medicines and Medical Homotoxicology Practitioner-Only Homeopathic Medicines
  • Certificate of Colon Hydrotherapy - "Gut Level" - Detox Specialists

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