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Kim Joblin & Gillean A Joblin
Professional Clinic
Sharon Crs
Mountain Creek 4557
0468 411 283
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Astrologer and Naturopath Kimberleigh Joblin Offers Expert Treatments And Advice For - Your Astrology Body And All Your Natural Health Requirements - Over 20 Years Professional Experience - Advanced Diploma Health Sciences Naturopathy - Diploma Health Sciences Herbal Medicine - BioRegulatory Medicine - Nutrition Advice - Thyroid Specialist - Mob Ph - 0468 411 283 - Call Now

Discover Your Rythmic Key To Your Best Life  Naturally 0468 411 283  


We offer Professional, Qualified Naturopathy Services And Quality Practitioner Medicines For Your Optimum Health

We have Over 20 Years Experience in running Our Natural Health Clinic And In Helping People Like You Get Well Again

We also offer Astrology Services 

.  Astrology Counselling - Astro Talk - With Your Personal Natal Data 

.  Australian Created Shell 🐚 And Coral Medicines To Support Your Planetary Healing.

Our Astrology & Health treatments


Holistic and Intuitive Medicine

Ring NOW - mobile 0468 411 283 & Ask about Our

1/ Astrology Consultations - Kim's Unique Holistic Astrology for Decoding Your Health, Your Most Positive, Healthy, Abundant Life Path, and Later - Soul Blue Print Astrology

Skype Consultations Available

2/ Naturopathic Functional Pathology Testing Available - We Do Use Your Dr's Pathology Tests too

3/ In-Clinic Naturopathic Consults eg Stealth Pathogen Testing Available


We Are Long Term Members of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

    • Advanced Diploma Health Sciences Naturopathy (+ Iridology)
    • Dip Health Sciences Herbal Medicine
    • Bio-Regulatory Medicine (Systems Biology) Medicines & Treatments
    • Esogetic Medicine Vibrational Oils
    • Dip Remedial Therapies - Massage
    • Kinesiology Practitioners and Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Certificate of Colon Hydrotherapy
    • Astrology Plus - Shell and Flower Essence Counselling
    • Metagenics Screening Tools
    • Dr Trevor Douglas & David Woolcott - Stealth Pathogen Screening, Medicines and Treatments

Advanced Diploma of Health Science - Naturopathy: Advanced Diploma of Health Science Herbal Medicine: BioRegulatory Medicine Practitioner; Biomesotherapy Practitioner; Diploma of Health Science Remedial Massage; Professional Level 1 Kinesiology Practitioner: Metagenics Screening Tools & SANUM Screening Tools & Advanced Medicines & Treatments; Weight Loss & Body Composition - Kim's Passion - Holistic Astrology for Healthy Body, Mind and Soul - Discover and Re-Align With Your Life Purpose, Healthily.
Kimberleigh and Gillean Joblin -

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