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Save $57 by Booking Our Initial Double Appointment Offer Now - Welcome To Our WOMEN WITH WISDOM - Thyroid Clinic - with Kim & Gillean - We Are Natural THYROID Health Specialists with over 20 Years of Holistic Medicine Experience - Using Science Based Training & Neutraceuticals (Advanced Diploma of Health Sciences Naturopathy + BioRegulatory Medicine Specialists) & Kim's Passion - Her Ability to Use Holistic Astrology to Decode Your Health Secrets - We Invite You To Join Us Now In Transforming Your Life by Transforming Your Health and Your Understanding Of Your True Strengths - Don't Wait - Book Now because a Year From Now You Will Wish You Had Started Today! We have helped Many Ladies Transform Their Live's - Please View Client Testimonials Page for More Information

Do You Feel A Sense Of Hopelessness and Despair? Do You Feel Fat, Bloated, Tired, Lost and UNHEARD? Have You Tried Many Treatments and "Nothing Seems To Work or Hit The Mark With You?" Have You Been Through The Medical System and Been Told "It's All In Your Head!" There is nothing medically wrong with you - your Blood Tests Are Fine! Do You Feel Invalidated because of this - Like No-One Is Really Listening? You Know Deep Inside There Really Is Something Wrong that is Not Being Addressed But Because Your Health Issues are Not Confirmed or Understood by Your Dr, Your Friends, Your Family - You May Doubt Yourself & Wonder if It Really Is All in Your Head? We Have The Ability To Effectively Decode Your Health and Provide the Meaningful Answers And Treatments You Are Seeking To Turn Your Doubts, Your Life and Your Health Around. How? We Offer Something Different. Kim Uses Modern, Holistic Astrology To Reveal Your Life and Health Blue-Print as Confirmed In Your Birth Chart or Birth Horoscope. Combined With Our Effective Functional Pathology for Healthy Natural Thyroid and Related Hormonal Dysfunctions (the Science Based Stuff that is really important to pin-point YOUR Health Status Now) as well as Anti-Ageing Natural Skin Care (Great for Confidence Boosting) - We Are Able To Create A Plan That Is Specific To You - YOU DESERVE TO BE WHOLE & HEALTHY AGAIN & WE CAN HELP YOU DO IT!


we also Offer Self-Help (more Simple, Less Technical) Health Care with Kim's Unique Holistic Astrology - 1/- Astro-BioChemistry (Astrology Based On Your Sun-Sign) With Biochemistry (Using Bio-Chemic Tissue Salts) for Health, Vitality & Nutrition) - 2/- Plus We Offer Shell / Coral Essence Consultations - with Take Home Medicines in these Mind/Body Lines That Address Your Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Body Imbalances - You DO Deserve To be Whole and Healthy Again and We Can Help You Achieve It!

Book NOW and EASE INTO YOUR BEST Refreshed, Regenerated - BODY, Mind, Organs - like Thyroid or SKIN, & CONFIDENCE LEVELS EVER - Start Your Transformation & Journey to More Visibly Youthful Vitality & Joy Of Life with us!
CALL 5478 0060 OR 0468 411 283 - Exceptional Value Consults and Treatments Available!!


We are Holistic Medicine Practitioners & Natural Health Presenters (Your WOMEN WITH WISDOM) with a special interest in THYROID Conditions, the Psyche (Anxiety/ Stress / Depression) and SKIN (which is very much effected by Thyroid) - and Our Passion Is Combining Holistic Astrology & Holistic Medicine For Double Whammy Positive Effect in Pin-Pointing How You Can Live Your Life the Most Healthy, Abundant and Effective Way for YOU.

Chiron, (The Wounded Healer and Maverick) an Astrological Asteriod) represents Your Wound in Your Astrological Chart - He also represents where you may "Push The Boundaries" and try out alternative medicine. Knowing where your Chiron is in Your Birth Chart can reveal insight and strategies for healing way beyond what is available through a system based on Science Alone. We all experience our Chiron Return at around ages 48-52. Many of my clients are in their 40s, 50s and 60s or beyond. We all experience our Chiron opposition at around ages 24-26. Astrology is a wonderful alternative timing device and an absolutely fantastic method for accessing What YOU need for Health, Wealth and Happiness.
Kim had her Personal Chiron Opposition when she began her Alternative Medicine Studies - Many Years ago Now. (Many would view Holistic Medicine and Astrology as very Unconventional - A Typical Chiron/Maverick Pushing-The-Boundaries Type of Thing To Do) And so began her Intensive Foray Into Both Science Based Natural Medicine and Astrology. Her Life has been to date, a wonderful journey of learning and then using natural therapies tools and astrology to heal herself. (This has often been painful as her wounds were first activated and then healed) This journey has been one of Decoding Health Secrets both for herself, and for others like you using the tools and insights she has learned along the way. She has lived (and thrived) but only after learning the lessons within, by working with her Chiron aspects, she now looks forward to sharing these with you personally.

Because we are sooo much more than just a physical body - we are in fact Vibrational Beings inhabiting a physical body for our journey this life-time - using medical treatments and science based technologies often misses the mark. More and More of our clients are seeking a more whole-istic way of being and understanding. We are delighted if you would like to participate in our style of combining both science based technologies and natural medicine and astrology. Welcome to Our Version of Holistic Medicine.

You May Like To Try Our Visibly Effective, Graceful, Absolutely Amazing, Skin Products (Nerium International's Anti-Ageing & Anti-Acne Facial Products). When Your Skin Feels or Looks Horrid (from underlying Thyroid and Stress Conditions) there is nothing like an effective Skin Boost to help you Feel Better and Start to Take More Positive Action in Life For Yourself! - For More Information on our wonderful natural face products please click to see here to go to our Nerium Skin Health Website - www.skinvital.neriumaus.com.au

We Have OVER 20 ++ YEARS EXPERIENCE in Natural Medicine (and In Holistic Astrology) - We (Kim and Gillean) actually Live Our Lives through our Understanding Of Holistic Medicine and Holistic Astrology - we Are the System We Have Developed over 25 years or so of research, trial and re-alignments for Our Personal Best Health Outcomes. Life is so much more fun and you can tune into much more abundance on all levels when your health is at its best. We believe YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR BEST WEALTH and Without It You Really Have Nothing!

We Have Many Happy Clients who have benefited from our Unique approach - Testimonials Are Available For You To View on this site (view our Testimonials Tab) and on our Nerium Skin Products site.

We Currently have a Thyroid Health Epidemic in Australia and the Western World with many Un-Diagnosed (SUB-CLINICAL) Thyroid Issues on the Rise - (this means you do have a problem even though your Dr has not identified that you do). We are Experts at helping you to

1/ Identify Your Exact Type of Thyroid Issue - There Are Many Different Sub-Types and Yours is Unique To YOU,

2/ RE-GENERATE YOUR THYROID Where Possible - & If You Need To Stay On Thyroxine help Your Body Use It Effectively.

3/ Restore Your Joy of Life - and Re-Align With Your Life Purpose - NATURALLY.

In Terms of Energy Centers in the Body called CHAKRA's The Thyroid Centre (at the Throat Area of Your Body) and Throat Chakra is Energetically About Authority, Being Heard, Speaking Your Truth.
You might ask - Who is the Authority in Your Life (Is it You? or Someone Else?)
Are You able to Speak Out and Feel Heard, Listened To and Validated?
Do You Speak Your Truth with Clarity and Confidence? or do you Mumble and Stumble and Jumble your words?
When your Thyroid Energy Centre is Spot On, This Little Butterfly Gland - Conductor of the Orchestra of your Hormones and Your Speech Centre - Life if Sooo Much Better....

We have runs on the Board using Our Unique, BioRegulatory Medicine Approach of many years. (See BioRegulatory Medicine Tab for more Information).

Did You Know These Conditions Are All Connected to Your Thyroid Health? :

1/ Hair, Skin - (ask about our special Skin Products) and Nails - Poor Condition / Hair Falling Out / Thinning +++
2/ Insomnia - Looking and Feeling Haggard
3/ Body Weight and Metabolism - Problems Loosing/Gaining Weight
4/ Constipation / Diarrhea
5/ STUBBORN Cholesterol Conditions
6/ Aches and Pains - Connective Tissues/Joints - We Check for HISTAMINE & Oxalic Acid Imbalances with Patented, Specialist Treatment Strategies and Technologies Targeted to YOUR Status!
7/ FATIGUE and STRESS / ANXIETY / DEPRESSION and MOTIVATION Issues and in the Elderly - Alzheimers
8/ Brain Fog / Not Thinking Clearly / Memory Loss
9/ Slow Heart Rate / Racing Pulse/ Blood Pressure
10/ Menstrual Problems / Heavy Bleeding / Fibroids etc .......
11/ Menopause and Hot Flushing ....... Feeling the Cold or Feeling HOT
12/ Fibrocystic BREAST Disease and Breast Tissue Imbalances
13/ Repeated Persistent Candida and Thrush
14/ Fertility Issues? Trouble Falling or Staying Pregnant?
15/ Tinnitus - Ringing In The Ears...
16/ Immunity - Auto Immune Thyroiditis - Hashimotos Disease is Commonly UNDIAGNOSED in a person with Underactive Thyroid Dis-Ease.

If ANY of the Above Sound Like YOU? - We can assist you with real confidence in a Great Health Outcome! We have done it several times before.

If you are Overweight/Underweight, have body image and self confidence Issues, are feeling FATIGUED, HORMONAL, Stressed, Anxious and Burnt Out - We Can Help You!

We invite you to transform your life with us - you too can experience STRESS-FREE Living ... and generally FEELING and BEING OK and ATTRACTIVE naturally It really is time for alignment in your life for naturally achieved harmony, balance, congruence, and WELLBEING!.

We are professional, qualified, and effective, using PROVEN holistic medicine diagnostics & therapies that get you healthy results.

We have been operating our current Holistic Medicine Natural Health Clinic since 1998 and have over 20 years experience in the Natural Health Field.

Our Clinic Is Located In The Buderim Meadows Shopping Centre, with plenty of parking, Eftpos Facilities, Health Fund Rebates, our own clean toilet facilities and filtered drinking water. (Tip - Chlorine, Bromide and Fluoride are really BAD for your Thyroid Health).

Our treatments

WE UNIQUELY COMBINE STATE OF THE ART HI-TECH Holistic / Natural Medicine SCREENING EQUIPMENT so that we can Uncover Your Health Secrets ,
MEDICAL Pathology Screening Including our Specialised Thyroid & Hormonal Functional Pathology with Functional Health Screening Labs - and we can also make use of Your Dr's Pathology Reports. We Need Your Functional Pathology to Pin Point the Patterns Unique to You & Your Health Issues - So That We Can Get to the Underlying Cause for You.....

We also focus on our Traditional Natural Health Systems (eg; HOLISTIC ASTROLOGY and Body Signs eg - YOUR SUN SIGN BODY ASTROLOGY SECRETS - IRIDOLOGY - TONGUE - FINGERNAIL DIAGNOSIS & Our Very Special ADVANCED MEDICINE and BIO-REGULATORY MEDICINE Screening Tools - DET (Disease Evolution Table) In-House Urine / Saliva / pH/ Oxygenation Screenings +++

We Are Experts At Reading Your Body and Treating Your Health Ailments and We Are EXPERTS at Helping YOU to Understand Your Body, Decode its' Secrets and show You How To Be HEALTHY Naturally, Easily.

Health Talk Presentations

Kim is a Qualified Presenter and Lectured at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour College of Natural Health) for 7 Years. We now concentrate on One-On-One "Teaching" with each individual who attends our clinic. i.e. We teach you how to heal yourself with our assistance and we really LOVE teaching you about natural Thyroid Regeneration and natural Anti-Ageing.

We undertake REGULAR Technical Updates/Conferences in ALL of our Holistic Medicine Modalities that we practice and We have the latest and VERY BEST in Holistic Medicine Patient Care - We Offer Cutting Edge Treatments and Technologies.

Holistic and Intuitive Medicine

We are delighted to offer to YOU service to treat;
  • THYROID - The Gland of Hope and Glory + STRESS / ANXIETY / DEPRESSION

  • SKIN - Looking And Feeling GREAT in Your Own Healthy Skin - Thyroid Health is related to skin / hair/ nail conditions - web site link above at website or visit www.skinvital.neriumaus.com.au

  • HORMONE Imbalance - Thyroid / Adrenals / Pancreas / Ovaries ...Natural Fertility

  • Menopause, Hormonal Imbalances, Conscious Conception Pregnancy Preparation Plans (MTFHR Gene Snyps)


  • FATIGUE (Including Sleep/Insomnia)

  • DIGESTION - "Leaky Gut" - Constipation/Diarrhoea/Irritable Bowel Syndrome/and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • PAIN & Connective Tissue Problems

  • Breast Health



  • SHAKE-IT Professional HEALTHY WEIGHT Loss Services - Health Fund Rebates Apply - go to www.shake-it.com.au plus in addition to Shake-It - for more information - We DO Find Out If Your Hormones Are Involved In "Making You Fat"

  • Brauer - Organo Regeneration Medicines Plus Heel & SANUM Professional Products - we also Use Other Natural Medicines to Stimulate Your Own Adult Stem Cells to Regenerate Your Body

Ring NOW - mobile 0468 411 283 & Ask about Our
1/ Initial Consultation Process,
2/ Initial - 5 Step BREAKTHROUGH & Functional Pathology Plans,
3/ - 5 Step Corrective Care Solutions Plans & Consults, & The SAVINGS on These Health Plans that GET RESULTS.
4/ Kim's Unique Holistic Astrology for Decoding Your Health, Your Most Positive Abundant Life Path, and Blue Print.
A Year From Now You WILL Wish You Had Started TODAY!


We Are Long Term Members of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and The Australian Society of Bio-Regulatory Medicine (ASBRM)
  • Advanced Diploma Health Sciences Naturopathy + Iridology
  • Dip Health Sciences Herbal Medicine
  • Bio-Regulatory Medicine - Homotoxicology / Bio-Mesotherapy / Sanum Advanced Medicines & Treatments
  • Esogetic Medicine
  • Dip Remedial Massage
  • Kinesiology Practitioners and Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Certificate of Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Shell and Flower Essence Counselling
  • Metagenics Screening Tools + Functional Pathology + Sanum Screening Tools & Advanced Medicines
  • Metagenics Weight Loss & Vitality Screening Tools

Advanced Diploma of Health Science - Naturopathy: Advanced Diploma of Health Science Herbal Medicine: BioRegulatory Medicine Practitioner; Biomesotherapy Practitioner; Diploma of Health Science Remedial Massage; Professional Level 1 Kinesiology Practitioner: Metagenics Screening Tools & SANUM Screening Tools & Advanced Medicines & Treatments; Weight Loss & Body Composition - Kim's Passion - Holistic Astrology for Healthy Body, Mind and Soul - Discover and Re-Align With Your Life Purpose, Healthily.

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