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"We Are Long - Term Members of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society - ATMS" With Over 20 Years in our Professional Practice and Lots of Happy Healthy Clients - Please View Testimonials Tab for More Information

Bio-Regulatory Medicine - SYSTEMS BIOLOGY - is Cutting-Edge NATURAL HEALTH CARE that allows us to get Outstanding Health Results with, for example, THYROID Health Imbalances. As Your Body is Complex - With Multiple Communication Systems All Constantly Sending Messages Within - It is a Targeted Multi-SYSTEMS Approach to Natural Medicine that promotes Optimum Health and VITALITY. By Addressing The Inter-Related Bodily Systems for Your Thyroid, & by Removing Stuck Energy (Blockades & Toxins), we help YOUR BODY - THYROID - Re-Regulate and Re-Generate Itself Back To Health! ... We are Specially Trained Technicians in this field - WE HAVE NEW EXCITING TESTS, TECHNOLOGIES and MEDICINES in our Specialist Range Available NOW - To Book An Appointment - Telephone Gillean on Mobile Phone 0468 411 283

We Undertake REGULAR Professional Training and Conferences Keeping Up-To-Date with the Latest Technological Know How - Our Bio-Regulatory Medicines and Systems Treatment Approach to Health Care are particularly beneficial for treating :

  • 1/ Thyroid & 2/ Sub-Clinical Under-Active Thyroid Conditions - Sub-Clinical Means Your Dr Can't Find It!
  • 3/ Auto-Immune Thyroid Conditions - 3a/ Hashimotos Thyroiditis - 3b/ Graves Disease
  • 4/ STEALTH PATHOGENS - Unique In-Clinic Testing & Treatments Offered - eg. These Mutate & Imbed ThemSelves Into Your Thyroid Including Virus' - Like EBV, Also Bacterials, Fungals ..... - Are Implicated in The Root Cause of Many Auto-Immune Thyroid Dis-Eases
  • 5/ Thyroid Nodules - Important to Successfully Treat as These May Promote Cancers
  • 6/ Thyroid and STRESS / Anxiety / Depression / Body Weight Issues / + Skin Conditions - For Simply Gorgeous Skin See our Web Site www.skinvital.neriumaus.com.au
  • 7/ Thyroid, Liver Health, Gut Health, Cholesterol and Constipation.... +++

We use State of The Art, IN-CLINIC Screening Tools and Specialist Naturopathic Functional Pathology Testing.
We sell Patented, Specialist BioRegulatory Natural Medicines - Available With Your Consultations and Treatments for Outstanding Health Results

If You Are UNWELL, feeling like there are no answers to your problems and Drs are suggesting you try Antibiotics (often repeatedly), or Anti-Depressants, or Antacid/Reflux Medications, or Cholesterol Lowering Medications or Pain Killers or any of their arsenal of medical drugs and they are not working for you - YOU NEED TO TRY US!
See Our Testimonials Page for further information.....Book an Initial Appointment Now - Phone Gillean on mobile 0468 411 283 and SAVE $57 ......


We Offer Our Thyroid Health Targeted Approach - :

1/ Unique Science Based Systems Biology - IN-CLINIC Testing & Treatments

2/ Unique Stealth Pathogen In-Clinic Testing & Treatments

3/ Specialist Naturopathic Functional Pathology Testing Packages for Thyroid and Related Bodily Systems

4/ Specialist Naturopathic Functional Pathology Testing Packages for IgG Food Sensitivities

5/ Holistic Modern Astrology for Pin-Pointing Your Blue Print for a Healthy Vital Joy-Filled Life!


Systems Biology - Bio-Regulatory Medicine Practitioner
Bio-Puncture - Colour Puncture Practitioner
Advanced Diploma Health Sciences Naturopathy
Advanced Diploma Health Sciences Herbal Medicine
Dr Trevor Douglas and David Woolcott - Stealth Pathogen Testing & Treatments
Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (and Teacher)
Diploma Remedial Therapies - Massage
Professional Health Astrologer
Shell Essence Counsellor

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